Case Status + MerusCase = A Winning Combination.

For any relationship to be successful, you need solid communication. For attorneys and clients alike, an open line of communication is even more important — it could mean the difference in the outcome of a case. 

At Case Status, we’re focused on building strong client connections. We’re the glue between the law firm and the client. But lawyers need to run their practice efficiently and effectively as well. 

That’s why we’re happy to announce another Case Status integration – MerusCase. MerusCase is a practice management platform that allows you to run all parts of your practice in a single, unified place. In particular, MerusCase is practice management software that’s tailor-made for Workers’ Compensation, Immigration, Personal Injury, and Employment and Labor law firms.

Here are a few ways our new integration with MerusCase can make a difference in managing your firm.

Streamline Your Case Files

With MerusCase, associated contacts, cases, assignments, and documents are connected and organized by type, so you can maneuver the system seamlessly and quickly find what you need. Keep track of your entire firm, and use the MerusCase reporting system to get a 10,000 ft. view of what’s going on.

Form & Template Auto Completion

Auto complete documents and forms easily with robust automation tools. In MerusCase, you can merge case information (including client names and addresses, case numbers, case notes, and more) into PDF court forms or Word documents. Once you’re ready, save your final copy into its corresponding case file.

Batch Scanning

We all know that law firms are covered up in paperwork, but MerusCase can help. Scan and upload thousands of papers at once, and MerusCase’s scanning systems will organize them into separate single and multi-page documents. Then MerusCase will help you organize the scanned documents into your case files.

Predictive Search

Everything else in the world auto-completes, why shouldn’t you practice management system? MerusCase’s predictive algorithms help locate relevant results before you even finish typing. If you’re not sure where you saved that one file, MerusCase’s stackable search filters can help condense and reorganize your search results. Plus MerusCase’s Global Search tool can scan each document’s contents and will preview the ones that match your search.

Try out MerusCase today

We’re thrilled to be working with MerusCase, and provide another way to help you manage your firm. If you’re not yet a MerusCase user, you can schedule a demo to get started with the legal practice management software that’s tailor-made for Workers’ Compensation, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Employment and Labor law firms. If you’re already a customer and would like to activate your Case Status account today, you can do so below.

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