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December 2020: Did you know?

Hey Case Status users!   

Did you know that the average male gets bored of shopping after 26 minutes?  Remember that when you are out shopping for this Holiday Season and you have dragged someone along with you.

But do you know what I never get tired of?   Talking about Case Status and how we can automate your day to day, simplify your processes, and allow you to offer your clients a better experience every single day!

Most of you know well enough that we are enhancing our product twice a month, but sometimes you may have missed the monthly blog post where I update you all on all of our new and exciting features, so periodically, I’ll remind you of some older features that we think are underutilized and can be beneficial to your

For instance, did you know that if your client’s language on their cellular device is set to Spanish that the Case Status app will appear in Spanish?  We found that even if you sent messages to your client in Spanish, if they didn’t speak or read English, navigating the app could prove difficult, so to increase your client’s experience we have two versions depending on the language setting on your client’ phone.

The easy and best thing about this feature?  There is literally nothing that you or your client has to do.  As far as your Spanish speaking clients know, the Case Status app is always in Spanish!!

Keep in mind that the messages and practice areas will appear just as you type and send them but the app itself displays in English or Spanish depending on the language set on your client’s phone.  Here is a short video to see how it looks on your client’s phone (Remember, this case has been set to a Spanish Practice Area.  For your messages and updates to show as Spanish, they would need to be translated by someone at your firm)

If you are in an area or you have a large clientele that does not speak english, it would be in your firm’s best interest to set up exact copies of all of your practice areas and smart message templates in English and Spanish to be able to communicate the progress of the case seamlessly.      

As always, if you have any questions you can always check out our Help Center by clicking here and searching for any training videos for your answer or reach out through our support bubble. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Feliz Navidad from all of us at Case Status.

Reasonably and Prudently yours,


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