February 2021: Did you know?

Hey Case Status users!   

We all know that buying in bulk can save you time and money.  That trip to Costco once a month can eliminate weekly trips to the grocery store, freeing up time that you can spend on more important things, like family and friends.

If you know that doing things in bulk in your personal life can save you time, why wouldn’t you take advantage of bulk actions to streamline your data changes in Case Status?

Things happen in business, whether it be hiring or promoting new employees, filming a new commercial or writing a new E-Blast you want to release, or changes in the status of connected cases (MDL or Class Action Matters) and by utilizing the Bulk Action Menu, you can add a new paralegal or update the status of hundreds of cases with the push of a button.

By clicking on the checkbox next to the ID column, you can select all cases or the individual cases that need updating. 

(Remember that you can filter cases by Attorney, Case Manager, Practice Areas, Closed/Onboarding Cases to limit specifically the exact cases you need to make changes.)

Once your cases have been selected, the Bulk Action Menu appears with the options to “Send Message”, “Increment Status”, and “Add Attorney/Case Manager”

Hire a new paralegal that should be assigned to all cases with a specific attorney?  Search by attorney in the search bar, select all cases, and then “Add Case Manager”.  Once selected, you can add one or more paralegals to all cases with one click of a button!

Need to send out your new blog post or new referral incentive program to all former clients?  Filter by “Closed Case”, select all and “Send Message” and get that out to all of your satisfied clients to help generate new clients in one fell swoop!

50 of your clients suing an insurance company after a natural disaster?  With a few easy steps, you can filter by practice area, select all related cases, and update all 50 with one click of a button.  It’s so easy!

We know how hard you work and we strive to simplify steps and make life easier for you and your firm while providing the level of customer service that your clients have come to expect.

To learn more about our Bulk Action Menu watch this short but informative 30 second video to see how working in bulk can save you time and effort.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me through our support bubble.

Thanks again and don’t forget to look out for our next webinar invitation coming soon!!

Reasonably and Prudently yours,


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