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Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | May 2020

New features AND a sneak peek?
That would be way too much excitement for one email. So we made a blog post! Click the link below to find out about our Treatment Log, case restoration, referral sources, and a sneak peek into what’s coming later this month! 👀

WFH Happy Hour

It’s the covid apocolypse. Let us buy you drinks. Join the first WFH Happy Hour sponsored by Case Status, hosted by Keith Lee.

What Law Firms Can Learn From Retail

In today’s fast-moving online retail marketplace, the age-old adage that the “customer is king” is seemingly truer than ever before in our history. Have a problem with your order? There’s a number to call. Don’t feel like calling? There’s an online representative who can message you. Don’t have the time to message? Submit an online inquiry. Prefer the old-fashioned method? Here’s the mailing address for the customer service team. Clearly, addressing customer concerns is a top concern for many companies.

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