Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | December 2020

Hello everyone!! It’s your reasonably prudent account manager, Chris, with your December Update and Sneak Peek into whats in store for 2021.    

It’s been a strange year to say the least, but we are primed and ready for a new year and by the productivity numbers it looks like you are too!  

I hope you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and we are so thankful for customers like you.   We are looking to finish this year out strong as we head into the holiday season and so excited to showcase what 2021 brings.

December’s Sneak Peek

Case Status Customizable Notifications

In the next few weeks you will have the option to customize who on your team receives notifications on a case.  This allows firms who need a full team on a case to add all users to a case and select the ones that do not need to receive message notifications.   If you are an attorney with a heavy workload and want to be involved in every stage of the case but don’t want to be bogged down with an overwhelming amount of notifications, then this feature is for you.

We know a quite a few firms that will be excited once this is rolled out!

Practice Area Checklist Templates

Tired of typing the same checklist over and over? Soon you will be able to build checklist templates that will automatically generate for your client once as status has changed. You will be able to build each list in each practice area and assign it to a particular stage. Once that stage is live on a case, the automation will take over and and display automatically for clients and firm users alike.

User Permissions

For firms that want to limit access to certain information and control which tabs and cases users can see, we are adding a permission function that allows administrators to grant permissions when users for certain privileges.

Internal Notes Section

We are adding an internal note section to each case to house internal notes, case management URL’s, and other case related information that is only for firm access.  No collaborators or clients will have access to these internal notes.

Expanded Collaborator Section

More and more firms are being bombarded with requests for status updates for individual cases.  Whether it be a medical lien holder, a partnering outside firm, a record retrieval company, or an insurance firm, the expanded collaborator section will be easier to add and allow firms access to the case tracker too keep them informed in real time as well as an option to message with them internally, keeping all of your case information housed in one place.


The opportunities are endless and we’re excited to hear from you to see how your firm is using this feature. If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 


What did the Case Status team work on in November?

Virtual Meetings

With Covid still on the rise and more people working from home, scheduling virtual meetings has never been easier and no longer do clients have to search through calendars and emails trying to find meeting links. 

Create a new appointment in the “appointments” tab and select “virtual” as the meeting type.  Here you just paste your meeting url and your client will not only have scheduled meeting reminders created but also a clickable link where they can join the meeting right from their phone.



Personalized Phone Numbers

Would you like your texts and invitations to come from a local or personalized number?  Case Status now allows firms to choose a local phone number that your clients can easily identify.  Please note that this option requires purchase of a local number and agreement to pay for standard data rates and is not included in your monthly subscription rate. 

New Integrations

MerusCase. Our integration team is working diligently with MerusCase and version two of our integration is live. Now MerusCase customers will be happy to hear that our initial integration will:

  • Send cases to Case Status when created in MerusCase
  • Close cases in Case Status when closed in MerusCase
  • Send documents to MerusCase (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, etc.)
  • Send messages to MerusCase when sent in Case Status

Zapier Integration

A reminder, if you are a firm without a Case Management integration or are looking to up your automation game, Zapier allows actions such as: creating a case, updating as case status, sending a message and closing a case based off of certain triggers.

To get more details and information, reach out to your account manager and we will be happy to help.

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