Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | February 2021

Hello everyone, It’s your reasonably prudent account manager, Chris , bringing you our February updates and sneak peeks!

2021 is proving to be a hot year for Case Status already.  Our MerusCase integration is up and running and we in testing for quite a few enhancements that are only going to do nothing but help streamline your firm’s day to day and let you concentrate on important things—like Law.

Some of these will be rolled out in smaller versions to make the transition into your process a bit easier so please keep up with these blog posts and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

We have modified our mission statement and know that our goal for 2021 and everyday going forward is:

                                                          Empowering firms to provide the best client experience, everyday.

I take this to heart so if there is anything that I can do to assist you in providing that experience to your clients, do not hesitate to reach out.


February’s Sneak Peek

Message Read Receipt

Not sure if your clients are reading their messages in a timely manner?. 

Soon messages will display an icon providing the firm insight on who has read each message.  Clicking on the icon will show which client read the message and also on what date/time.

This is a great feature for firms that want to track when your clients are checking their messages.  

Please note that the read receipts only work on the firm side, there are no timestamps on the client side.

Collaboration Enhancement

One of our biggest underutilized features is our collaboration tab, but the firms that use our collaboration feature, rave about how it has reduced a significant amount of calls from referring attorneys and lien holders. We currently are working on making this feature even easier.

Previously setting up a private 3rd party (Medical Record Retrieval, Lien Holder, Insurance Company) was an administrative task that had to be done on the backend by Case Status. Well now, not only will firms be able to add collaborators themselves, but they will also be able to access all the collaborators that are already stored in our database. This means the more firms that are using Case Status, the stronger the list of local collaborators becomes.

Firms will be able to add a collaborator by email address, giving them access to the Status Tracker of a specific case.  You even have the ability to privately message back and forth.  This is great when Lien Holding or Insurance companies keep hounding you for the status of a case.  Once they are added, there is no need to call you as they will have access 24/7 and can see once a case is settled.

Want to learn more about the Collaboration Tab?  Click HERE for a short walkthrough


If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

What did the Case Status team work on in January?

User Permission Settings– 

This is one that larger firms have been begging for and we finally got v1 done for user permissions. 

If you watched my last webinar (shame on you if you didn’t), you know our Product Manager, Leah and I went through how Admin users now have the ability to edit firm user’s information.

Later, as mentioned in the video, we will be releasing permissions that can be applied to every tab and functionality, so if no one needs access to your Invoices tab or be able to add or remove cases, you will be able to remove that from view.





I know firms now are cross utilizing employees and giving more responsibility doesn’t mean you can’t be protective of certain information.

For smaller firms that don’t need to remove permissions for security reasons may want to remove some tabs and functions to reduce user error and to rid your user’s screens of unneeded buttons to help streamline their day to day.








Limited Stages-

Have a practice area where there are less than 6 stages?

Now you are able to remove the empty stages, shortening the client’s Status Tracker for a more accurate view of their case.

To remove stages:

  • Best Practice
    • Navigate to Settings> Practice Areas
    • When setting up the practice area, the user will be able to remove the stages they don’t need by scrolling to the bottom of the stages and clicking ‘remove stage’.
    •  This will remove the 6th stage. They can keep clicking remove stage until the number they want remains
    • If stages are removed erroneously, they can easily be added back clicking ‘Add Stage’. This button will be greyed out once the max of 6 stages has been added. 
    • When the specified practice area is used for a case it will only show the limited number of stages in both the status bar as well as the process tab for the client. It will also only show this number of stages in the dropdown that is used to update the stage.

Have more than 6 stages?  It’s not out yet, but we are working on building this out and you may want to start thinking about how you want those Practice Areas broken out now so you can seamlessly transition once this amazing feature is released.


New Integrations-We continue to grow as we grow, our partnerships with our integrated softwares continue to be stronger by allowing us to bring you exactly what you need.

MerusCase. Our integration with MerusCase is up an running and we are so happy to partner with such a great team.  As of now, our integration includes:

  • Send cases to Case Status when created in MerusCase
  • Close cases in Case Status when closed in MerusCase
  • Send documents to MerusCase (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, etc.)
  • Send messages to MerusCase when sent in Case Status



We are fully integrated with Litify and built right into the framework of Salesforce so for our Litfy firms out there we have now added “Single Case Imports”

Single Case Imports–

In the iframe of Litfy, users will see a “sync now” button in a specific matter.  Clicking this button will attempt to sync that one matter.   

Once clicked a reload button will appear giving you a success message or a message indicating the case was unable to be synced. We will be expanding this feature to also include a message indicating why that case wasn’t pulled over (invalid client phone number, invalid attorney email, etc).

This feature will allow you to quickly sync one case or be able to filter and sync only certain practice areas/cases.

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