Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | January 2021

Happy New Year everyone, It’s your reasonably prudent account manager, Chris , bringing you our January updates and sneak peeks!

I hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday and are ready to hit 2021 with everything you’ve got!  We are working hard on enhancing our product and gathering ideas and feedback from firms just like yours to help us build our product which will help you streamline your operations

We have modified our mission statement and know that our goal for 2021 and everyday going forward is:

                                                          Empowering firms to provide the best client experience, everyday.

I take this to heart so if there is anything that I can do to assist you in providing that experience to your clients, do not hesitate to reach out.


January’s Sneak Peek

Firm User Management

Tired of reaching out to Case Status to edit a firm user’s bio, email, or phone number?.  

Now admin users will have more control over firm users and permission to edit user information easily and in a matter of seconds.

Users with the permission ‘user management’ will see a new tab titled ‘Users’ under the settings page.  Users with permission to edit will be allowed to make edits to all users while users without this secondary permission will only be allowed view access to all firm users.  

Please be aware that if a user’s email address has been changed, they will get an email to the new address letting them know their login has been updated but the password will still work.

Limited Stages

One of our biggest questions from firms is “What if i have less than 6 stages?”

This month, if your Practice Area is less than six stages, you will be able to remove the unused stages.

When the specified practice area is used for a case it will only show the limited number of stages in both the status bar as well as the process tab for the client.

I know what’s crossing your mind right now, “What about if I have more than six stages?  Will I be able to add more?”—-Trust me, we are working on this and hopefully will have this sometime soon and I promise to let everyone know ASAP when this finally happens.


If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

What did the Case Status team work on in November?

Automatic Page Refresh

Ever had issues with message notifications not appearing without refreshing or changing tabs?  Now your page will auto refresh every 5 minutes allowing all of your notifications to show on an idle screen without interfering with any current progress


Virtual Meetings

With Covid still on the rise and more people working from home, scheduling virtual meetings has never been easier and no longer do clients have to search through calendars and emails trying to find meeting links. 

Create a new appointment in the “appointments” tab and select “virtual” as the meeting type.  Here you just paste your meeting url and your client will not only have scheduled meeting reminders created but also a clickable link where they can join the meeting right from their phone.





Personalized Phone Numbers

Would you like your texts and invitations to come from a local or personalized number?  Case Status now allows firms to choose a local phone number that your clients can easily identify.  Please note that this option requires purchase of a local number and agreement to pay for standard data rates and is not included in your monthly subscription rate.

New Integrations

MerusCase. Our integration with MerusCase is up an running and we are so happy to partner with such a great team.  As of now, our integration includes:

  • Send cases to Case Status when created in MerusCase
  • Close cases in Case Status when closed in MerusCase
  • Send documents to MerusCase (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, etc.)
  • Send messages to MerusCase when sent in Case Status

Zapier Integration

A reminder, if you are a firm without a Case Management integration or are looking to up your automation game, Zapier allows actions such as: creating a case, updating as case status, sending a message and closing a case based off of certain triggers.

To get more details and information, reach out to your account manager and we will be happy to help.

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