Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | March 2021

Hello everyone, It’s your reasonably prudent account manager, Chris , bringing you our March updates and sneak peeks!

As 2021 rolls on and things are getting back to normal, most of you noticed in your Key Driver and Usage reports that client messaging is not only trending upwards but out pacing 2020 numbers.  I was so impressed to see client and firm usage and watching firms embrace Case Status and let it work for them.

In keeping up with trends and customer needs, we are building out our product stronger than ever.  We have quite a few enhancements coming in in Q2 of 2021 but I want to show you some really great features we rolled out for March.


Remember our Mission Statement:

                                                          Empowering firms to provide the best client experience, everyday.

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are well equipped to handle the day to day communication with your clients and giving them that best client experience.

April’s Sneak Peek

Checklist Templates

You have asked and we are almost ready for release. 

Tired of manually typing the same checklist items over and over for a particular stage of a case?  Soon you will be able to create a checklist and save it in templates allowing you to create it once and then implement it on the case of your choosing.  

Please note that you will still be able to manually add check list items along side the templates allowing flexibility on a case by case basis.

If you are not utilizing checklists, this short video will explain the benefits and how they work.

Individual Case Sync–

If you are one of our firms with an integrated Case Management Software, you know that our cases sync every night.  Sometimes, however you enter a case or cases and need that case ASAP and instead of syncing all cases, soon you will have the option of bringing over a single case.

This feature will allow you to select a case and bring it over with a click of a button.  This give firms the ability to narrowly import cases individually in case there are cases they do not want in Case Status yet, or if they have a large number of importable cases that are already up to date and do not need to be included in the manual sync.


If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. Indi

What did the Case Status team work on in February?

Read Receipts in Messaging– 

Wondering when and if your clients are reading your messages?  Now with “read receipts” you can now keep track of when clients are sent and have read your messages.

Once read the “eye” symbol will be displayed under the message allowing you to hover and discover who has read your message.  

Please note that if there are multiple clients on the case, the read receipt will be displayed in a list to show when all clients have accessed your message.

Last Interaction Date-

We have added a new filterable column on your main case page that allows more visibility to your case without having to open the individual matter.

Now you are able to “Last Interaction” column to your cases.

By clicking the gear icon, you are able to select and deselect columns that you would like displayed.  Adding this option, gives you better visibility and shows you the last time your client logged in to the app.

Once selected you can see that “Last Interaction” is now visible from you main case screen.

Collaboration Automation-

If you are one of the firms that take advantage of our collaboration function, whether it be referring attorneys, lien holders, medical providers, etc, then you know how useful this feature is.

Before it included reaching out to your account manager and having us set up your partners, but now adding a collaborator, it’s as easy as adding a firm user.

The greatest part of this function is as you grow your collaborators, you are adding them to our database, meaning as cities and areas grow with Case Status, the more collaborators you will be able to access.

Search collaborators by name or email to see if they are already in Case Status.

If they do not show up, then you can add them with only a name and email address.

Simply add a name, contact, and email address and your collaborator will be able to get status updates and/or chat with your legal team regarding the case.

To learn more about the collaboration function and how you can use this to cut down on calls and status updates, check out this video–Collaboration Function 

New Integrations-We continue to grow as we grow, our partnerships with our integrated softwares continue to be stronger by allowing us to bring you exactly what you need.

MerusCase. Our integration with MerusCase is up an running and we are so happy to partner with such a great team.  As of now, our integration includes:

  • Send cases to Case Status when created in MerusCase
  • Close cases in Case Status when closed in MerusCase
  • Send documents to MerusCase (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .mov, etc.)
  • Send messages to MerusCase when sent in Case Status



We are fully integrated with Litify and built right into the framework of Salesforce so for our Litfy firms out there we have now added “Single Case Imports”

Single Case Imports–

In the iframe of Litfy, users will see a “sync now” button in a specific matter.  Clicking this button will attempt to sync that one matter.   

Once clicked a reload button will appear giving you a success message or a message indicating the case was unable to be synced. We will be expanding this feature to also include a message indicating why that case wasn’t pulled over (invalid client phone number, invalid attorney email, etc).

This feature will allow you to quickly sync one case or be able to filter and sync only certain practice areas/cases.

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