Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | May 2020

Our team is fully remote and laser-focused on delivering new features that allow your firm to make an immediate impact with clients as we face The Great Recalibration of the Legal Industry. We are so excited to share these product updates with you and know that they will help your firm take a giant step in the right direction of our new landscape.
And without further ado…

May’s Sneak Peek 👀

Automation Customization

Currently, case message automations are sent every [x] days. Later this month, you will be able to send automated messages weekly on specific days of the week, monthly on a specific date, twice monthly on [x] and [y], or every two weeks. You’ll also be able to select an end date for the automation message. This allows for more control over when automations are sent to customize the client’s experience. Stay tuned! We made these new message automation options after hearing invaluable feedback from you. So thank you!

What did the Case Status team work on in April?

New Product Offering: Treatment Log

screen capture of user clicking through the Case Status software treatment log feature
add client appointments and log client treatment and disposition

Are you a Personal Injury attorney? If so, keep reading! Treatment log can be used to track a client’s treatments throughout the early stages of their case. We’ve also partnered with a Medical Records Retrieval company to simplify the building of their case. We built this because we realized that asking clients if they had gotten treatment was simply not enough and attorneys needed more detail about their clients’ treatments to build better cases. Your clients can log treatments directly from the Case Status app on their phone. Clients can also add appointments and they will be reminded of the appointment and then reminded to log treatment following the appointment. This feature is a game changer for building strong Personal Injury cases for your clients.

Restoration of “removed” cases

screen capture of user filtering for removed cases and then restoring a particular case through Case Status client management software new feature
so you CAN turn back time

Ever wish you could turn back time? Well we found a way (for you to restore deleted cases). This feature should used by firm users to bring back cases that have been removed, but need to be restored. We created this feature for you because we had a number of firms reach out to us with cases that were accidentally deleted, but needed them restored. We wanted to make it easier for you to have control over your cases in Case Status.

Referral sources

screenshot of referral source feature in Case Status client management software
maybe it's time to take that ad out of the phone book

It’s always nice to know how a client came to your firm, right? Well, we thought so too! Now, when you create a case, you can log your client’s referral source. Was it from Facebook, Google, or the ever-coveted word-of-mouth? Tracking your firm’s referral sources will enable your firm to make a data driven decision on where to spend your marketing dollars. Perhaps, you’ll develop a referral program for former clients and referring firms! If you’d like to collaborate with our team on this, we’re happy to provide input. Schedule a time with our team here.

User descriptors


screenshot of the user descriptors field in Case Status client management software
just be yourself

While the two roles of ‘attorney’ and ‘case manager’ still exist and function as usual within Case Status, we know that not all of you fit perfectly into those categories. We’ve now given you the option to supply your own job title for your Case Status profile. 

Deleting a user now removes them from all their cases

Firm staff turnover can sometimes be a tricky time to navigate, but now when a user leaves a firm, they can be easily removed from the firm with the click of a button. In addition, they will be removed from all of the cases they’re currently on. New staff can be easily added to existing cases to help provide a seamless transition for your clients.

Thank you for reading and be on the look out for automation customization later this month!

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