Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | June 2020

Any updates from the Case Status team? You betcha. If our May updates were exciting then our June updates are downright thrilling

June’s Sneak Peek 👀


Later this month we will be rolling out our new E-Signature feature. Our goal for this feature is to make it easy for your firm to collect signatures from clients you’re communicating with via Case Status. The unique aspect of E-Sign in Case Status is that you will never have to send a separate email with a link for your client to click and sign. Everything stays within Case Status. When this feature is released (and added to your account) your firm would select who needs to sign the document. Each person on the case would then receive a message through Case Status when it is time for them to sign. Once the document is fully executed the document can be found in the messages thread as well as the documents tab on the case.  This allows your firm to speed up the document signing process and ultimately resolve cases faster. 

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!


What did the Case Status team work on in May?

New Product Offering: Checklists

Placing a case ‘on hold’ was previously the best course of action for ensuring your clients completed necessary tasks for their case. With our new Checklist feature your firm is enabled to highlight the primary items you need from clients before their case can progress. We built this feature based on direct feedback from you! Click the link below to schedule a demo and add this feature to your firm’s account. 

Screenshot of checklist feature through the web (client) 

Screenshot of checklist feature through the web (attorney/case manager) 

Screenshot of checklist feature on the Case Status mobile app (client)

Automation Customization

This feature was last month’s sneak peek! Now that this feature is available to all Case Status firm users you can customize automated message delivery. You can now send automated messages weekly on specific days of the week, monthly on a specific date, twice monthly on [x] and [y], or every two weeks. You’ll also be able to select an end date for the automation message. This allows for more control over when automations are sent to customize the client’s experience. To customize automated messages you’ll navigate to to the automation tab in the individual case and pick the day you’d like to send the message. 

SSN and DOB Collection for Clients

You can now collect and confidentially house your client’s SSN and DOB within their case in Case Status. SSN and DOB Collection, along with E-Sign, allows you to keep all client information in a single location. Our intention behind building this feature is to make it even easier to make medical record and procedure requests. The SSN and DOB Collection feature is already live in your Case Status account in the client information section of a case. For more information on editing client information, head on over to our Knowledge Base to learn how to use this feature.

Thank you for reading and be on the look out for E-Sign later this month!

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