Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | November 2020

Hello everyone!! Fall is in the air, leaves are starting to turn and the temperature is starting to drop and we just had a few new features drop as well this month that we are so excited about.  

But before we get into that, let’s see what we have planned for November!

November’s Sneak Peek 

Case Status Customizable Notifications

In the next few weeks you will have the option to customize who on your team receives notifications on a case.  This allows firms who need a full team on a case to add all users to a case and select the ones that do not need to receive message notifications.   If you are an attorney with a heavy workload and want to be involved in every stage of the case but don’t want to be bogged down with an overwhelming amount of notifications, then this feature is for you.

We know a quite a few firms that will be excited once this is rolled out!

User Permissions

For firms that want to limit access to certain information and control which tabs and cases users can see, we are adding a permission function that allows administrators to grant permissions when users for certain privileges.

Internal Notes Section

We are adding an internal note section to each case to house internal notes, case management URL’s, and other case related information that is only for firm access.  No collaborators or clients will have access to these internal notes.


The opportunities are endless and we’re excited to hear from you to see how your firm is using this feature. If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager.

What did the Case Status team work on in October?


This release, you will notice a new tab at the top of your main page that takes you to your invoicing page.   Here you will see an invoice for a case with a running total of all charges throughout the lifecycle of your cases.  Check out our training video in the help section to get an in depth view of the functionality.

Inbox Filtering

You may have noticed last release that Case ID is now showing up in the Inbox pull down to quickly identify which case the message corresponds but soon users will be able to filter through the Inbox pull by clicking on “see all messages” and filtering by firm, client, collaboration, or all.  Click on a message and you will be instantly taken to the corresponding case. 

mass message clients law firm

New Help Center

Now all of our support/training videos are housed under “Help Center” under your company account menu bubble in the top right corner of Case Status.  Here you will be able to find our ever growing collection of training resources and FAQ’s.  Click on it to explore all of the functions of Case Status!


New Integrations

MerusCase.Our integration team is working diligently with MerusCase to begin testing. Our MerusCase customers will be happy to hear that soon our initial features will:

  • Sends cases to Case Status when created in MerusCase
  • Closes cases in Case Status when closed in MerusCase
  • Updates statuses in Case Status when updated in MerusCase
  • Sends documents to MerusCase
  • Sends messages to MerusCase when sent in Case Status

Zapier Integration

A reminder, if you are a firm without a Case Management integration or are looking to up your automation game, Zapier allows actions such as: creating a case, updating as case status, sending a message and closing a case based off of certain triggers.

To get more details and information, reach out to your account manager and we will be happy to help.

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