WFH Happy Hour


🍻 WFH Happy Hour 🍻 

Next week, on 4/1/2020 at 7 PM Eastern, Keith Lee will be hosting the first public LawyerSmack Live event. 

This is an informal hang out, hosted by Keith, to talk with you. We’re going to chat about how we’re adapting to the new normal – office setups, handling co-workers, and developing post-apocolyptic skills. Most importantly we’re going to toast to our week and have a bit of fun.

But wait! There’s more! This WFH Happy Hour is going to be sponsored by Case Stauts. 

What does that mean? We’re going to buy you a drink.

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Whaaaaa? How is that going to work?

At legal industry conferences there is usually always a sponsored social/happy hour. Just because we’re all going virtual doesn’t mean we should change things.

We looked into the logistics of drink delivery services, but those are still being figured out right now. So in the meantime, we at  Case Status are going to “buy” you a drink via the magic of the interwebs. The details:

  • You must be a lawyer to attend the happy hour.
  • You must register for the happy hour using your law firm email address.
  • After registering and attending the Happy Hour, send an email to from the email address you used to register with your Paypal/Venmo details, and Case Status sends you $5. 💸

Not as much fun as physically sending you a drink, but this will have to work in the meantime. A few additional details:

  • Space is limited to 95 people. So register quickly.
  • You must have a drink for the Happy Hour, so we can all toast to our week together.
  • But the drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic. No pressure to drink from us on that front, we want to be inclusive to everyone whether they drink alcohol or not.
  • Keith will have a fun announcement during the Happy Hour as well. 

That’s it. Easiest way to have someone buy you a drink while we’re all on lockdown.

Looking forward to raising a glass with all of you soon!

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